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Spoken Interludes

July 15, 22 & 29 • Virtual Eve “Write what should not be forgotten.” Isabel Allende Dear Book Lovers, I’m so happy to let you know that Spoken Interludes will have weekly online events every Wednesday at 8:00pm EST through BOOK YA YA a new online platform where readers and writers connect that my husband,

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How you can help

“Join our effort to put food on the table for all of our sponsored families during this time of crisis. As we all learn to navigate this new reality, Family-to-Family is above all focused on making sure that during this crisis, the impoverished families we sponsor are able to put food on the table.” Visit Family-to-Family to learn more.

“With restaurant workers out of work, we are taking immediate action to mobilize the food service industry, and provide food security for our workers and our communities in the face of coronavirus.” Visit milliongallons to learn more.

“For those wishing to help in this unique and challenging time, we ask that you consider making a donation to Feeding Westchester. Your donation will be used to source and safely distribute food throughout this crisis. And, we ask that you take a moment and check in on your loved ones and stay informed on our website and through the CDC.” Visit Feeding Westchester to learn more.

Upstream Gallery is proud to organize an online charity art sale in which 100% of the sales will go to support the AFYA Foundation and their Protect A Hero campaign.  More info

“Our $40,000 goal will fund 5,000 meals and 1,100 paid hours for our food insecure neighbors and out of work service industry employees. Through this funding, restaurants will be able to provide fractional paid work for minimal kitchen staff to execute meals. Costs such as paper goods, containers, and food will also be covered by our goal. Any bills that cannot be put on hold, like insurance, could also be covered,”
Visit on-the-line to learn more.

“CALL FOR SUPPLIES! We’ve joined forces with a grassroots effort to collect donations that are delivered to local area hospitals and any healthcare professional on the frontlines working with COVID-19 patients.” Visit HudCo’s Facebook Post to learn more.