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Sat, April 4 Farmers Market

April 4 • Commuter Parking Lot, Hastings

April 4th, 2020

What is it about buying fresh fish that makes everyone equivocate so?

Seriously, people have fallen in love and gotten married in less time than it takes a market shopper to commit to either flounder or fluke.

We get it. Freshness is why you come to us. At the fish tent is where freshness matters most. Fish is expensive, so you want to get it right.

However, as we navigate the current crisis, we ask that you please, please try to spend a little less time eyeballing the fish. It is fresh. It was all caught within four days of the market. You can cast that worry aside.

When all the social distancing is over and we are back at our scenic location overlooking the Hudson, we will be more than happy to let you stare down the squid.

This is not a safety issue since all of you on the fish line are being so respectful of 6 feet.

But, since we’ve instituted a one-person-per-family rule at the market this means that a person who spends 30 minutes in the fish line is spending a lot longer at the market overall than we would like, thereby holding up the (safe) line to get into the market.

All playfulness aside, the swifter the shop, the safer our market is and the better our chances of staying open each week.

It’s difficult to pre-order fish, though we are making it easier to pre-order just about everything else. Click on  https://www.hastingsfarmersmarket.org/vendors-preorder to find out who is at the market this week. We do not, as of yet, have a centralized ordering system. You still have to order directly from each vendor. However, we’ve uploaded product and price lists from most to make pre-ordering a little easier.

We are learning as we go, just like all of you.

Captain Rick, who owns Pura Vida Fisheries will call each week to let us know what his haul is so that you can peruse the list and at least narrow down your choices.

Here’s Pura Vida’s  “catch of the week:”
Bluefish, yellowtail flounder (perfect for fish tacos), cod, black sea bass, both whole and filleted, squid, sea scallops (no smoked scallops this week), smoked salmon, haddock, fluke, steelhead trout, arctic char, salmon, halibut. Sorry, no hake. Oysters, mussels, and clams. Prepared food: crab cakes, cod cakes, New England clam chowder & squid salad.

For those among you who have been afraid to venture out to the market, we hope you saw this article in the Times yesterday calling outdoor farmer’s markets (at least the ones that are following strict social distancing and other sanitary protocols ) the safest way to shop for fresh food during the pandemic. You can see the safety measures we are taking at hastingsfarmersmarket.org.

And, in the very good news category: Homegrown Nurseries is joining us this week. Get everything you need to plant a kitchen garden just when you are homebound and cooking up a storm.   

Don’t forget to sign up for a market slot https://bit.ly/2wN4FA0

See you at the market! Until then, be safe