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All phone numbers 914 unless otherwise noted.

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Appliances / Service & Repair
Appraisal Services
Automotive Services
Carpet Cleaning
Chimney Cleaning
Cleaning Services
Computer consultants
Contractors / Home improvement
Fabric Stores
Family Care
Floor Care
Floor Covering
Funeral Homes
Furniture Refinisher
Grout Services
Heating (See Plumbing and Heating)
Home Automation
home weatherizing
Interior Designers
Landscape / Garden Design
Lawn Care / Tree Care
Organizers (Homes & Businesses)
Piano Tuner
Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning
Power Tool and Equipment Rentals
Roofers and Gutter Maintenance
Solar Energy
Tree Care (some offer firewood)
Upholstery/WIndow Treatments

ADT Alarm Systems [link] 866-562-9052
LiveWire Security [link] 123 Main Street, Irvington, 961-0961
Scarsdale Security Systems [link] 132 Montgomery Avenue, Scarsdale, 722-2200
Slomin’s [link] 800-Alarm Me
Stratagem Security [link] 2 Westchester Plaza, Elmsford, 777-5700

Appliances — Service & Repair
Appliance Service by Vinnie, 4 Riverview Avenue, Ardsley, 773-0430‎ or 693-3400‎
Gem Appliance Repair, 214 Farragut Avenue, Hastings, 478-0678
Jimmy’s Same Day Appliance Service, Inc. 8 Washington Avenue, Hastings, 478-5517

Appraisal Services
APH Appraisal Services [email] Antiques, Furniture, Fine Art, Insurance and Estate, Dobbs Ferry, 917-701-5301

Automotive Service
Bob’s Service Station, 611 Warburton Avenue, Hastings, 478-9741
C & B Automotive, Bill Nibur [link] 270 Nepperhan Avenue, Yonkers, 969-0909
Overseas Auto, 595 Warburton Avenue, Hastings, 478-0939
Straub Auto, 477 Warburton Avenue, Hastings, 478-1177

Carpentry (also see Contractors)
Antonio Cabinetry, 340 North Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, 631-2353
Badolato Home Improvement
, Ardsley, 914-674-2518
Creative Carpentry, 693-0079
Robert Spinazzola Fine Carpentry,
Hastings, 672-0680
Superior Design Associates [link] 19 North Broadway, Tarrytown, 800-218-2603

Carpet Cleaning
Michael Bowerman Carpet Cleaning [link] 17 Jean Lane, Hartsdale, 674-1499

Chimney Cleaning
Alpine Chimney Sweeps [link] 800-809-5023

Cleaning Services
D&N Window Fashion and Reupholstery (Rug and Furniture Cleaning) [link] [email] 212 Ashford Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, 231-5969
Maid Brigade of Westchester [link] 741-0552
Molly Maid of Central Westchester [link] 1-800-MOLLYMAID
Ronny Reliable [link] 3 American Legion Avenue, Ardsley, 674-9000

Computer Consultants
A Plus Computer Solutions [email]
Computer Tech Support for Home & Business, Dobbs Ferry, 693-1586
DoctorMac [link] 64 Main Street, Irvington, 914-591-1010
EML Consulting | Evan London [link] 914-562-1000
Learn Computers with Tom [link] Tom Wrona, Lessons – Private in-home tutoring, Hastings, 595-6463
Macurishi Tech Services
[link] Hastings, 231-6206
R Levine Consulting LLC
[link] Specializing in Microsoft Access & Quickbooks Integration, 478-1553
Techsense Consulting [link] 50 Main Street, Dobbs Ferry, 693-4052

Contractors / Home Improvement
Badolato Home Improvement, Ardsley, 914-674-2518
Barrier Contracting, LLC
[link] Environmental contractor that focuses on oil tank removal and installation, Tarrytown, 760-2089, 760-2090
Mark Cassella,
Contractor, Home improvement, House Painting, 498-3533
Augusto Chavez,
Mason & Contractor, 552-5970
First Rate Home Improvement,
K Star Home Repair & Improvements, James Keriakos,
George Keiling and Sons,
25 Shady Lane, Dobbs Ferry, 693-0207
Jimmy’s Home Improvement Co., 1 Lee Avenue, Scarsdale, 472-2975‎
M.A.P. Renovation Inc. [link] General Contractor, small to large jobs, 592-8343
Matthew McCormick, 591-9640
JP Moore Home Improvements [link] 396-9635
Peter K
[link] 500 d Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, 497-5900
New Horizons Design, Inc., 547 Warburton Avenue, Hastings, 478-1212
Richard Babat Construction and Remodeling [email] 420-6449
T. Wan, Inc., Hastings, 917-806-7483

De Souza Electric, 25 Whitman Street, Hastings, 478-3372‎
Electric Matters, Inc., 522-8615
Hastings Electric and Hardware, 548 Warburton Avenue, Hastings, 478-1416
Hudson River Electric, Irvington, 591-6505
Mr. Electric [link] 500 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, 479-1680‎
My Electrician,
Joseph Alongi [email] 479-5070
John Niedhart, 917-359-5258
Scotty Electric Corp., 965-7013
Steve Franciosa, 490-3863

A.M.J. Pest Control, Inc. [link] West Nyack, 845-641-2483
Ehrlich Pest Contrl 
[link], Elmsford, 914-345-0167
Kelly Exterminating, Hastings, 478-4145

Fabric Stores
Jo Ann [link]  Central Avenue, 965 Central Park Ave, Scarsdale,

Family Care
Julie Borger [email] Helping the elderly and anyone else that needs help. 965-6560
Family Helpers [link] 125 Main Street, Dobbs Ferry, 674-8535
Support Connection [link] Support Connection-Breast & Ovarian Cancer Support Services,360 Underhill Ave., Yorktown Heights, 962-6402
Synergy Home Care [link] 1 Van Der Donck Street, Yonkers, 914-479-5200

Floor Care
Accurate Floor Service, 375-3509
Floors By Tom Gorsuch, 329 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, 674-9461
Savino Brothers Floor & Carpet [link] 633 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, 693-0360

Floor Covering
Floor Coverings International [link] Elmsford, 937-2950

Funeral Homes
Hastings Funeral Home [link] 15 Spring Street, Hastings, 478-0600

Furniture Refinisher
Rudy Caballeros [link] 718-392-3750

Corey Glass, 1228 Saw Mill River Road, Yonkers, 963-5600 (Picture Framing, Hastings, 478-0154)

Grout Services
The Grout Medic [link] 694-7000

Lend-A-Hand Handyman Services, Thomas Materasso [email] Pleasantville, 714-2412
Project Masters [link] [email] Hartsdale, 946-0489
Steve Vavra, Hired Hands,
Hastings, 747-6051

Heating – (See Plumbing and Heating)

Home Automation
Smart Home Automation Soundworks Inc [link] email 914-765-0461

Home Weatherizing
NeighborGreen [link] Hastings, 368-9150

Interior Designers
Anasa Interiors Residential/Commercial Design, Hastings [link] Feng Shui [link] 212/769-9299
Beyond Elegance 917-684-0044
Healing Interiors, Donna Thompson [link] Sleepy Hollow, 837-4398
Maison Cappellari [link] visual stylist in several creative areas, 917-669-3719

Landscape / Garden Design

Lawn Care / Tree Care
Ace Landscape Contractors, 330 McLean Avenue, Yonkers, 969-6459
Aesthetic Landscape Care Inc., 520 Farragut Pkwy, Hastings, 478-7320
ALC Enterprises, Joe Cirillo, Irvington, 715-8540
Civitano Landscape & Maintenance [link] 848 Nepperhan Ave. Yonkers, 674-1021
Community Tree Surgery, 83 Ravensdale Rd, Hastings, 478-2124
Five Brothers Enterprises, Inc., Landscape & Masonry [link] P.O. Box 109, Yonkers, 478-5817 or 969-8176
Green Earth Man, 478-5863
Green Hat Landscaping Inc., 83 Ravensdale Rd, Hastings, 478-5059
J & J Landscapes, 59 Main St, Dobbs Ferry, 591-6783
J & J Landscapes, 10 Tiernans Lane, Dobbs Ferry, 693-3302
Mark DeSouza, P.O. Box 590, Hastings, 478-2168
Roberto Martinez, 490-1057
Nature’s Rain [link] 960 Saw Mill River Road, Yonkers, 961-4703
Omega Landscaping, 194 Ashford Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, 478-4747
Professional Lawn Care, 9 Manor House Drive, Dobbs Ferry, 674-0070
Trapletti Landscaping, 46 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers, 965-4679
Windy Farm Garden Center 330 Mclean Avenue, Yonkers, 969-6459

Dale Security Systems, 5 Spring Street, Hastings, 478-4344

Augusto Chavez, Mason & Contractor, 552-5970
Graziano Sanginiti,
Dobbs Ferry, 376-3764
Greg Shuluk Masonry, 478-4051

Organizers (Homes & Businesses)
California Closets [link] 16 Saw Mill River Road, Hawthorne, 800/339-2567
Decluttering Solutions Now Donna Roses [link] Home and Office, 479-0193
The Dotted I, Alicia Leibowitz, Professional Organizer [link] Dobbs Ferry, 400-7256
Let’a Sort it Our By Deb  [link]  914-552-1001
Lynne Palumbo Organizing, LLC email  [link] 914/584-5161
Minding Your Business, Susan Greenberg [link] 139 Southside Avenue, Hastings, 441-9384
Oh, So Organized! [link] Linda Samuels, 271-5673
Project Organize, Nola Kende Long [link] email 917-445-4340

B&G Painters [link] Dobbs Ferry, 693-3730
Badolato Home Improvement, Ardsley, 914-674-2518
Five Star Painting, 579 Broadway, Hastings, 478-3166
Illusions, 245-1799
Kevin’s Painting, 494-8657
MacFarlane Painting and Wallpapering, Interior and Exterior [email] Hastings, 337-3557
MM Painting Services, Interior and Exterior, 478-4889
Paulo’s Painting, Interior and Exterior, 497-4702

Piano Tuner
Chris Rehn, 844-9294

Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning
Anthony’s Sewer & Drain, White Plains, 227-0518
Jim Ceccolini Plumbing and Heating,
618 Warburton, Hastings, 478-2200
Clover Heating & Cooling, Inc.[link] P.O. Box 844, Sleepy Hollow, 631-6744
Dripless Plumbing & Heating, 527-3214
Greenfield Plumbing and Heating [link] 7 North Dearman Street, Irvington, 591-9432
Hastings-on-Hudson (H2O) Plumbing & Heating Inc., 5 Spring Street, Hastings, 478-2600
HVAC Systems by Sears [link] 877-840-7126
Irvington Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning 557-5357
Paretti Plumbing & Heating, 587 Broadway,Hastings, 478-1006
Tony Sanseverino Plumbing & Heating, 164 Rosedale Avenue, Hastings, 478-7888

Power Tool and Equipment Rentals
Peterson Tool Rental [link] 1256 Saw Mill River Road, Yonkers, 965-7418
Grassy Sprain Paint & Hardware, 590 Tuckahoe Road, Yonkers, 779-4480

Bowerman Restoration [link] Water & Fire Damage Remediation & Repair, 800-638-4799

Roofers and Gutter Maintenance
Arm Roofing [link] 89 South Saw Mill River Road, Elmsford, 347-2763
County Center Roofing, Co. [link] 137 S. Saw Mill River Road, Elmsford, 592-3427
Don Brown, Donald W. Brown Roofing,
402 Warburton Avenue 478-1629
Expert Roofing of Westchester [link] 460 Bronxville Rd, Yonkers 914/343-3820
Hastings Roofing Inc. [link] 975 Nepperhan Avenue, Yonkers, 375-3671‎
The Vinyl King [link] 2 Bridge Street, 2nd Floor, Ardsley, 591-5011

Solar Energy
SunBlue Energy [link] 147 Valley Street, Sleepy Hollow, 914-222-3510

Tree Care (some offer firewood)
Community Tree Surgery, 83 Ravensdale Rd, Hastings, 478-2124
Condon Tree Service, James Condon [link] 116 Heath Place, Hastings, 478-0220
Emerald Tree Care [link] 725-0441
Evergreen Arborist Inc., 327 Northrup Avenue, Mamaroneck, 698-0707
Terrapin Tree Care and Firewood [email] Pleasantville, 769-4914

Upholstery/Window Treatments
Beyond Elegance 917-684-0044
D&N Window Fashion and Reupholstery [link] [email] 212 Ashford Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, 231-5969

Corey Glass, Inc., 1228 Saw Mill River Road, Yonkers, 963-5600
Modern Home Industries, PO Box 120, Jefferson Valley, 245-4144