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Attorneys/legal services
Business consulting
Coaching, Professional and Life
Dentists (Pediatric)
Doula Services
Editorial/publishing Services
Educational Therapist
Exhibits & Displays
Financial Advisors
Fundraising Services
Graphic Designers
Insurance Agents
Interior Designers
Lactation Consultant
Lice Care
Makeup and Hair
Marketing/Public Relations
Massage therapists
Mortgage Broker
Music Teachers
Narration/Voice Over
Organizers (Homes & Businesses)
Photographers/Photo Labs
Physical Therapists
Printing & Copying
Psychotherapy & Counseling
Speech and Hearing Therapy
Travel Advisor
Urgent Care

John Conrad, Jr. CPA [email] 111 Bedford Road, Sleepy Hollow, 584-5522
Grabowski Associates, Inc., 601 Warburton Avenue, Hastings, 478-0007
J. Burns Bookkeeping, Inc., [link] Bookkeeping & Business Consulting Services, 181 South Broadway, Tarrytown, 914-829-9005
Katharine G. Herman, CPA
[link] 96 Euclid, Hastings, 693-6058
Herman CPA’s, P.C. [link] 707 Westchester Avenue, Suite 302, White Plains, 914-400-0300
Philip R. Leib, CPA [link] 117 Hillair Circle, White Plains, 948-4811
Paldino Company CPA, [link] 154 East Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck, 253-6857
Peretz, Resnick & Co., LLP, Contact: David M. Peretz [email] 303 S. Broadway, Tarrytown, 332-5393
Resnick & Newman LLP [link] 631-7000
Ronald M. Tvert and Company [email] Certified Public Accountants, 595 West Hartsdale Avenue, Suite 201, White Plains, 948-5100
Sternbach & Rose, CPAs [link] P.O. Box 9, Mohegan Lake, Felecia Sternbach, CPA 844-1612; Ellen Rose, CPA 649-3036.
Zambelletti, CPA Peter J., CPA [email] 55 Main Street, Tarrytown, 631-1359

Acupuncture-et-al, Paula Haberman [link] 2 Marble Terrace, Hastings, 646-465-1637
Flowing Rivers Acupuncture, Pamela Battle L.Ac., Dipl.OM (NCCAOM) [link] 603 Warburton Ave. Hastings, 914-572-1559
Jaime Marks, L.Ac. email  ProClinix, 1 Elm Street, Ardsley, 242-1199
Dr. Michael Kennis, LAc, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM), Center for Acupuncture & Integrative Wellness, 245 N. Broadway, Suite 206, Sleepy Hollow, 914-433-9340
Jennifer Mohr, L.Ac., Precious Health Acupuncture [link] Pleasantville, 212/228-5522

Architects / Designers
ds2 Design Studio [link] 145 Webber Avenue, Sleepy Hollow, 332-5467
Earl Everett Ferguson Architect, PLLC
[link] One Bridge Street, Irvington, 591-5066
Fivecat Studio | Residential Architecture [link] Mark R. LePage, AIA, LEED AP, 747-1177
Peter Gisolfi, Gisolfi Architects [link] 566 Warburton Avenue, Hastings, 478-3677
Christina Griffin Architect [link] 10 Spring Street, Hastings, 478-0799
Gotham Design and Community Development Ltd., 329 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, 693-5093
Hemo’s House of Design (Interior), PO Box 52, Irvington, 332-1099
Kuckly Associates (Interior), 68 Main Street, Ivington, 479-1700
Radoslav Opacic AIA Architects [link] 24 North Astor, Irvington, 591-4306
Robak Architecture, LLC [link] Irvington, 693-1159
S.F.V. Design, 140 Valley Street, Sleepy Hollow, 524-9054
Steven Secon Architect, PC [link] 145 Palisade Street, Suite 391, Dobbs Ferry, 674.2950
Superior Design Associates [link] 19 North Broadway, Tarrytown, 800-218-2603
Walter Sedovic Architects [link] 1 Bridge Street, Irvington, 591-1900
Stephen Tilly, Architect [link] 22 Elm Street, Dobbs Ferry, 693-8898
Edward M. Weinstein Architecture & Planning PC [link] 14 Spring Street, Hastings, 478-0800
Don Wemer, New Horizons Design, Inc., 547 Warburton Avenue, Hastings, 478-1212

Attorneys / Legal Services
Brady, McGuire & Steinberg, P.C., Attorneys-at-Law, 603 Warburton Avenue, Hastings, 478-5755

Kenneth M. Bernstein, Esq. [link] 68 Main Street, Irvington, 231-7556
David Dambroff, Esq., (Personal Injury) [email] 115 Beacon Hill Drive, Dobbs Ferry, 262-8444
Lisa Dayan, Esq., Kauff McGuire & Margolis LLP [link] Labor and Employment Attorney living in Hastings, 212-909-0704
Joe DiSalvo, Bronxville
Susan Freedman, Attorney-at-Law, 399 Knollwood Road, #212, White Plains, 948-1400
Denise Wagner Furman, Esq., [email] Law Offices, 50 Fenwick Road, Hastings, 478-3407
Edward B. Geller, Specializing in All Types of Debt Collections [email] 473-6783
Patricia L. Hoffman, Esq., 1055 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, 693-8830
A. Kershaw, P.C.
Attorneys & Consultants [link] 303 South Broadway, Suite 430, Tarrytown, 332-0438
John J. Hughes, Esq.
[email] 49 Beekman Avenue, Sleepy Hollow, 631-8855
Michael Lippman, Esq., 135 Southside Ave., Hastings
Joseph LoCascio, Esq. [email] 560 Warburton Ave., Hastings, 478-0900
Patricia G. Micek, Attorney at Law [link] 244 Westchester Avenue Suite 410, White Plains, 914-358-4235
Esther E. Mildner, Esq., Law Office of Esther E. Mildner, P.C., 54 Prospect Avenue, Ardsley, 693-9116
Ron Moss, Esq., Moss & Associates, P.C. [link] 478-7100
Michael O’Hagan, Esq., specializing in personal injury and medical malpractice email 914-420-4595
Lisa Ayn Padilla, Esq. [link] 560 White Plains Road Suite 530, Tarrytown, 366-4842
Pirrotti Law Office, 501 Ashford Avenue, Ardsley, 693-8000
Jeremiah Quinlan Esq. [email] 535 Warburton Ave., Hastings, 478-5129
Roy, Mondello, LaRocca & Risotto, 505 White Plains Road, Suite 113, Tarrytown, 914-591-7722
Peter W. Shafran, Law Offices of Peter W. Shafran [link] with offices in NY, NJ & CT, 47 Jefferson Avenue, Hastings, 845-638-3925
Jeffrey Shumejda, Esq. [email] 49 Beekman Avenue, Sleepy Hollow, 631-4800
Andres J. Valdespino, Esq. [link] 1 Neperan Road, Suite 201, Tarrytown, 332-7270

Business Consulting
J. Burns Bookkeeping, Inc.,[link] Bookkeeping & Business Consulting Services, 555 Taxter Road, Suite 190, Elmsford, and 500 Summit Lake Drive, Suite 120, Valhalla, 368-7110
Jonathan Flaks Coaching Assoc. [link] 36 Highland Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, 479-0568
R Levine Consulting LLC [link] Specializing in Microsoft Access & Quickbooks Integration, 478-1553
Scimia Consulting Group, Inc., [link] Training and coaching for organizational effectiveness, 747-2960

Julie Borger [email] Helping the elderly and anyone else that needs help. 965-6560
Family Helpers [link] 125 Main Street, Dobbs Ferry, 674-8535
Support Connection [link] Support Connection-Breast & Ovarian Cancer Support Services,360 Underhill Ave., Yorktown Heights, 962-6402
Synergy Home Care [link] 1 Van Der Donck Street, Yonkers, 914-479-5200

Ardsley Chiropractic, 547 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, 479-1000
Chiropractic for Life, Dr. Anita Morgenstern, 7 Boulanger Plaza, Hastings, 478-1380
Dr. Cindy Ehrich and Dr. Thomas, De Mott, 631 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, 478-1300

Hudson Rivertowns Chiropractic Health Care [link] 88 Ashford Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, 693-1408
Dr. Marc Kaplan [email] 56 Lefurgy Ave, Hastings, 478-4578
ProClinix Sports Physical Therapy & Chiropractic [link] 1 Elm Street, Ardsley (in House of Sports), 914-202-0700

Coaching, Professional and Life
Jonathan Flaks Coaching Assoc. [link] 36 Highland Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, 479-0568
Marcia Grubel [link] Career/Life and Business Development Coach, 591-4556
Irene Gutmann, LMSW, Eagle Business Building [link] 845/357-4191
Bonnie Mincu “Thrive with ADD” [link] ADHD Coach for Adults, 478-0071
Cathy Wilke, Freedom and Fulfillment Life Coaching [link] Women’s Issues, Yonkers,  645-2864
Layla Morgan Wilde, Insight Life Coach [link] Intuitive readings for humans and pets. 997-0696
Persephone Zill: Career and Life Coach, 478-7171

Communications / Public Relations / Marketing
Cindy Beer-Fouhy, PublicEye, Publicist/ Arts Consultant [link] Crompond, 528-5535
Ellen Blitz, Blitz Communications,
Strategic communications and editorial services [email] 723-7062
Jeff Bogart, Bogart Communications/Hastings News
[link] 5 Jordan Road, Hastings, 478-5577
Connolly Communications [link] 1 Vincent Road, Bronxville, 584-2406
Exceller Marketing, Inc. [link] 21 North Broadway, 2nd Floor, Tarrytown, 914-450-9149
Harriet Lerner Enterprises, LLC, Harriet Ketive Lerner, M.A. [link] 30 East Hartsdale Avenue, Hartsdale, 682-7336
HDG Communications [link] Editorial services, content creation, website text, newsletter copy and executive profiles, 917-270-3967
Erika Miller, ELM Consulting Digital Marketing [link] SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing and Research and Analytics for all Digital Marekting Online, Sleepy Hollow, 310-5894
Shameless Promotions, LLC [link] 845/528-6647
Sylvia O’Hagan Public Relations Consultant, Specialist & Writer [email] Ardsley, 693-5135

Dr. Todd J. Amus, PC [link] 623 Warburton Avenue, Hastings, 478-2224
Frank A. Bosco, DDS, Advanced Dental of Ardsley, 1055 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, 693-7570‎
Mark Briskin, D.D.S. PC [link] 547 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, 693-1221
Dental Arts, 645 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, 693-4312
Daniel DiCostanzo, DDS [link] General & Cosmetic Dentistry, and Pediatrics, 245 Saw Mill River Rd. Suite 304, Hawthorne, 914-908-4939
Joseph Goscilo, DDS, 28 Main Street, Irvington, 591-8110
Harvey Kutz, DDS, 25 Main Street, Hastings, 478-1316
J. M. Leventhal, DDS, 506 Ashford Avenue, Ardsley, 693-0840
Samar Tannous, DDS, MS, River Towns Dental, P.C., General and Cosmetic Dentistry, [emai] 34 High Street, Hastings, 214-8228, Fax: 214-4822
Charles Strick, DDS [link] 479 Ashford Avenue, Ardsley, 693-6990
Richard A. Weiler, DDS, (general/family) 12 Main Street, Irvington, 693-2023
Daniel Zedeker, DDS [link] 18 Ashford Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, 693-6656
Edward Zuckerberg, DDS, F.A.G.D. and Catalina Navarro, DDS [link] 2 Russell Place, Dobbs Ferry, 693-9696

Dentists, Pediatrics
Daniel DiCostanzo, DDS [link] General & Cosmetic Dentistry, and Pediatrics, 944 North Broadway, Suite 105, Yonkers, 968-2323
Gary Heitzler, DDS, Dentistry for Children
[link] 615 Broadway, Hastings, 478-8585
Kavita Kohli, DDS, Rivertowns Pediatric Dentistry, PLLC, [link] 495 Central Park Ave, Suite 208, Scarsdale, 725-9620
Samar Tannous, DDS, MS, River Towns Dental, P.C., General and Cosmetic Dentistry, [emai] 34 High Street, Hastings, 214-8228, Fax: 214-4822
Scarsdale Pediatric Dental Associates, LLP. [link] 777 Post Road, Scarsdale, 472-9090
White Plains Pediatric Dental Group PLLC [link] 15 Fisher Lane, White Plains, 761-4872

Sherri Kaplan, MD, 1055 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, 693-7191
Dermatology Consultants of Westchester, PLLC, 2 Overhill Road,
Scarsdale, 725-1800

Doula Services
Mindful Birth NY, Mary Esther Malloy-Hopwood (Doula Services & Childbirth Classes) [link] Hastings, 347-276-2819

Editorial/Publishing Services
Jeri Cipriano [email] Educational writer, editor, content developer, tutor, Dobbs Ferry, 674-0450
Kris DiLorenzo
, Smart Communications for Smart Business (resume and cover letter writer/editor) [email] 231-5491
Ed Levy
[link] Professional editor/writer, 693-3069
Natasha Banta McDermott [email] Content Strategy, Writing, and Editing, Hastings, 415-420-5689
Sylvia O’Hagan Public Relations Consultant, Specialist & Writer [email] Ardsley, 693-5135
Rowley Bridge Media, Irene Ledwith [link] print and web project development, custom publishing, Hastings, 646-522-3968

Educational Therapist
Dorrie Bernstein, Ph.D., Office in Hastings, 478-4823

Diane Higgins [link] Hastings Wellness Center, 231-7117
Christie Lavigne
[email] 46 Hudson Street, Hastings, 588-9367

Event Services, Specialty Cakes
Creative Elements by Amanda [link] 917-208-1341

Exhibits & Displays
Work With Your Brain LLC, Steve Samuels [link] Croton-on-Hudson, 271-9364

Financial Advisors
A.G. Edwards – Peter Zagrobelny [link] 10 Bank Street, White Plains, 948-7300 ext 349
Robert H. Freireich and Douglas A. Lipman, The Capital Preserve [link] 520 White Plains Rd., Suite 500, Tarrytown, 332-1100

Noa Lessing Fusco LLCFee Only [link] Tarrytown & Midtown Manhattan offices, 739-7360
Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC [link] 660 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, 631-8900

Graphic Designers
744 Creative: Marketing + Design [link] Hastings, 478-4445
Michael Baumann Creative
[link] photography, design, advertising, 214 Palisade Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, 231-5736
Nancy Delmerico [email] Dobbs Ferry, 693-9216
Exceller Marketing, Inc. [link] 21 North Broadway, 2nd Floor, Tarrytown, 914-450-9149
Eyebuzz [link] Tim Thayer, 914-909-4122
Ficciones Media
[link] 46 Broad Street, Port Chester, 937-2323
Gabeler Design
, Charles Gabeler [link] Hastings, 478-0011
Howard Grossman, 12E Design/744 Creative
[link] Hastings, 478-4445
Amy Huelsman [link] Graphics for Tee shirts and apparel, 275-6163
Jim Mulligan [link] Computer  Design  &  Publishing, Inc., Ossining, 945-0600
Rowley Bridge Media, Irene Ledwith [link] print and web design, Hastings, 646-522-3968
Jen Roos [lnk] Hastings, 917-536-2348
Visual Language, LLC (Shapiro Design Associates Inc.) [link] 25 Whitetail Road, Irvington, 693-7799
Wendy Tittel Design [link] 1 Central Avenue, Tarrytown, 914-941-9146

Insurance Agents
Allan M. Block Agency, Inc. [link] 24 South Broadway, Tarrytown, 631-4353
Allstate Insurance
[link] Frank Campo, 42 Main Street, Hastings, 478-4959
Bob Pietronuto [link] 14 Cedar Street, Dobbs Ferry, 693-8181
Insurance-on-Hudson Agency, 108 Main Street, Irvington, (914) 372-6765
Irvington Allstate [link]  130 Main Street, Irvington, 591-4700
The Johns Family Agency Inc. [link] 377 Ashford Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, 914-269-2334
Marina Pietronuto [link] 14 Cedar Street, Dobbs Ferry, 693-8181
The Maxon Company & Pres White Agency, Inc., Cliff Trager [email] 76 North Broadway, Irvington, 591-7111, ext 62
McCartney Agency [link] 477 Ashford Avenue, Ardsley, 693-3500

Interior Designers
Beyond Elegance Inc. – Residential Hospitality Medical & Educational Institutions [link]917 684 0044 
Feng Shui [link] 212/769-9299
Healing Interiors, Donna Thompson [link] Sleepy Hollow, 837-4398
Maison Cappellari [link] visual stylist in several creative areas, 917-669-3719

Lactation Consultant
Beth Shulman, BSN,IBCLC [link] Board Certified Lactation Consultant, home visits, classes, support groups, breastpumps, 478-7046

Lice Care
The Lice Lady of Westchester, Anna Krosche [link] 497-5465 or 693-9590
Lice Off Inc., Dale Longworth, [link] 424-1367 or 693-7930
The Lice Treatment Center [link] 1-888-LICE-AWAY (542-3292)

Makeup and Hair
Ilise Harris Makeup Studio [link] 330-6606

Marketing / Public Relations
See “Communications/Public Relations/Marketing

Massage Schools/Massage Therapists
Carl Carvalho, Human Bodyworks Massage Therapy [link] 50 Farragut Ave., Hastings, 917-445-1767
Kelly Fenton, Massage Therapist,  email  ProClinix, 1 Elm Street, Ardsley, 242-1199
Finger Lakes School of Massage [link] Mount Kisco, 914-241-7363

Karin Floh-Elias, LMT
[link] Hastings, 917/576-2217
Melissa Miser, LMT [link] Massage Therapist, Tarrytown, 954.7787

Greenhead Media [link] James Dean Conklin and Elisa Zazzera, Hastings
Hastings Digital [link] 145 Palisade, Dobbs Ferry, 914-231-6757

Rebecca C. Scarpati, LMSW email Mediator, 399 Knollwood Road, Suite 212, White Plains

Music Teachers
Joey Berkley [link] (Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, and Jazz Studies ) 715-6156
Eddie Bettinelli
[link] (drums)
Adam Hart
(guitar: folk rock and blues, acoustic and electric) Hastings, 325-7317
Myra Joffe
(piano) Hastings, 674-5985
Cory Morgenstern [link] (various instruments) 233 Farragut Avenue, Hasitngs, 478-0073
Nancy Rathbun Voice Studio [link] Two locations: Irvington & Sleepy Hollow, 914-332-0203
Supertonic/Clifford Mays Private Guitar/Bass/Drums Lessons, in & around the Rivertowns, 914- 320-6855

Narration / Voice Over
Sophie Hayden [link] [email] Hastings

Nutritionists / Dieticians / Health
Karim H. Fugel, CHHC, AADP [link] Health Counseling/Nutritional Guidance, CranioSacral Therapy/Reiki, 917-385-6069
Inspire: Mind, Body, Spirit, Tami J. Hindin, Dipl.O.M [link] 145 Palisade Street, Suite 500, Dobbs Ferry, 478-1452
Dr. Michael Kennis, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Center for Acupuncture & Integrative Wellness, 369 Ashford Ave, Dobbs Ferry, 433-9340
Erica Leon, MS, RD, CDN, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, Ardsley, 693-2174
Rebecca Meyerson, Certified Nutritionist, email  ProClinix, 1 Elm Street, Ardsley, 242-1199
Ilia Regini, Nourish Our Body email One on one nutritional counseling, certified personal chef, offer private cooking classes, 714-9773
Amy Stephens, MS, RD, CDE, [link] Nutritionist, 25A Main Street, Hastings, 646-391-4868
Sterling Nutrition, Wendy Meyer Sterling, MS, RD, CSSD, CDN [link] 260 Garth Road, Scarsdale, 917/568-9695

Dr. Neil Katz, Westchester Eye Associates, 984 North Broadway, Yonkers, 476-0650

Organizers (Homes & Businesses)
California Closets [link] 16 Saw Mill River Road, Hawthorne, 800/339-2567
Decluttering Solutions Now Donna Roses [link] Home and Office, 479-0193
The Dotted I, Alicia Leibowitz, Professional Organizer [link] Dobbs Ferry, 400-7256
Minding Your Business, Susan Greenberg [link] 139 Southside Avenue, Hastings, 441-9384
Oh, So Organized! [link] Linda Samuels, 271-5673
Project Organize, Nola Kende Long [link] email 917-445-4340
See Your Way Clear, Jocelyn Kenner [link] 914-907-6712

Ardsley Orthodontics, Gregg Fader, D.M.D., 1075 Central Avenue, Scarsdale, 358-4139
John C. Kerecz, D.D.S. [link] 84 Clinton Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, 693 – 0014
Stephen Ossen, DMD, 584 Broadway, Hastings, 478-0047
Scarsdale Pediatric Dental Associates, LLP. [link] 777 Post Road, Scarsdale, 472-9090

Rivertown Orthopaedics, Community Hospital, 128 Ashford Avenue, Dobbs ferry, 693-2057

Central Avenue Pediatrics
[link] 1075 Central Avenue, Scarsdale, 472-4300
Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine, LLP [link] 495 Central Park Avenue, Scarsdale, 725-7555

Pediatrics on Hudson [link] 615 Broadway, Hastings, 963-1663
Rivertowns Pediatrics, Nitin Gupta, M.D. FAAP [link] 18 Ashford Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, 914-330-8445
Scarsdale Pediatric Associates [link] 2 Overhill Road, Suite 220, Scarsdale, 725-0800
Tribecca Pediatrics [link]
686 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley 212-226-7666

Photographers / Photo Labs
Advance PhotoLabs [link] 909 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, 693-0778
Alhy Berry Photography [link] Irvington, 914-522-9863
Arnold Adler Photography [link] Riverdale, 718-601-4327
Debbie Allan Photography [link] Lifestyle Photographer, Tarrytown, 917-582-2468

Michael Baumann Creative [link] photography, design, advertising, 214 Palisade Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, 231-5736
Alison Bert [link] Event photography by an experienced photojournalist, 231-6146
Alison Sheehy Photography [link] Hastings, 917-561-2445
CG Vincent Photography [link] 2 Bridge Street, Ardsley, 479-0830
Ellen Crane [link] Dobbs Ferry, 231-5056
Mark Feaster [link] 212-473-9370
Simon Feldman [link] 589-2423
Leslie Kahan Photography
[link] Dobbs Ferry, 329-1495
Steven Kormes, Kormes Photograhy
596 Warburton Avenue, Hastings, 478-4242
Keira Lemonis Photography [link] Troy, 518-859-2882
Mark Liflander [link] Sleepy Hollow, 552-0802
John Maggiotto [link] Dobbs Ferry, email (914) 319-4590
Margaret Moulton [email] 478-0522
Don Pollard, Don Pollard Photography [link] Hastings, 917-270-3241
Doug Schneider Photography [link] Dobbs Ferry, 231-5404
Alison Sheehy Photography [link] 5 Boulanger Plaza, Hastings, 917-561- 2445
Liz Steger [link] 636-7618
Treasure the Moments Ardsley, 914-487-3551

CG Vincent Photography, 2 Bridge Street, Ardsley, 479-0830

Wag for the Camera, Candid Pet Photography [link] 631/974-5305
Sarah Wrede Photography [link] 917-596-9026

Physical Therapists
Cultivate Mobility Katherine Bagby, PT, DPT, 145 Palisade Street, Suite 323
Lisa Fishberger Pediatric Physical Therapy, 15 Chester Street, Ardsley, 693-2206
Stacey Grifman, Osteopath (UK), PT [email] 11 Whitman Street. Hastings, 231-7477
Orthocare Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation [link] 1053 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, 693-2350
Medical Arts Center, 200 South Broadway, Suite 2-2, Tarrytown, 631-1919
Premier Physical Therapy [link] Offices in Westchester, NYC, & Connecticut. 771-6200
Quad Village Physical Therapy [link] 18 Ashford Avenue, Suite 3E, Dobbs Ferry, 693-5459.
ProClinix Sports Physical Therapy & Chiropractic [link] 1 Elm Street, Ardsley (in House of Sports), 914-202-0700
Recoup Physical Therapy, PLLC [link] 145 Palisade Street, Suite #200, Dobbs Ferry

Ardsley Podiatry, 631 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, 693-8479
Hastings Podiatry Associates, Dr. Janet M. Faghihi and Dr. Jay Rosenberg, Hastings Podiatry, 55 Main Street, Hastings, 478-1571

Martin McGrath, DPM, FACFAS, 984 N. Broadway, Suite 502, Yonkers, 966-0809

Printing & Copying
Accel Printing & Graphics Corp. [link] 128 Radio Circle, Mt. Kisco, 241-3369
Brody Printing Company [link] 265 Central Avenue, Bridgeport, CT, 203-384-9313
Ficciones Media [link] 46 Broad Street, Port Chester, 937-2323
Minuteman Press of Yonkers
[link] 335 Saw Mill River Rd. Yonkers, 963-2747

Psychotherapy & Counseling
Jennifer Abcug Brody, LCSW, 369 Ashford Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, 917-370-5664
William Cipriano, EdD, LCSW, Child/Adolescent and Family Therapist, 433-4442 (cell)
Amy J. Colley, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, 615 Broadway, Hastings, 564-9445
Candida Diaz Psychotherapy/Counseling email 369 Ashford Ave, Dobbs Ferry, 917-834-6211
Rebecca Lawer [link] Early Childhood Specialist, Mamaroneck, 309-2879
Barbara Mitchell, LCSW, Certified Imago Couples Therapist and Money Disorders Specialist. Offices in Manhattan and Hastings. 212-867-5507
Donna C. Moss, MA, LCSW-R [link] Psychotherapy/Counseling, Hastings, 584-8922
Nancy Oren, R-LCSW, Offices in Hastings & NYC, 516-770-9092
Kristin Perry, Psy.D., Psychologist, Offices in NYC and Dobbs Ferry, 591-1115
Lauren Saler, Psy.D., [link] Licensed Psychologist, Ardsley, 582-7733
Rebekah Shackney, LCSW [link] Helping Women Survive New Motherhood, Dobbs Ferry, 917-721-2257
Gayle Skovron, LCSW [link] Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, 239 North Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, 450-2413
Martina Verba, LCSW, MPH [link] Psychotherapist/Eating Disorders Specialist. Offices in Ardsley & NYC, 914/231-7295.

Speech and Hearing
Randi Finkelstein M.S. CCC-SLP email Speech & Language Therapy, NYS Licensed, PROMPT trained, early intervention and school age, 917-626-5139
Mercy College, Speech and Hearing Center
[link] 555 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, 1-877-MERCY-GO
V. S. Paris, M.A., CCC, [email] Speech-Language Pathologist, NYS Licensed, 35 East Grassy Sprain Rd.
Suite 506, 5th floor, Yonkers, 914-772-0111

Travel Advisor
Valerie Wilson Travel, Nancy M. Vuletic [link] 2700 Westchester Avenue Suite 120 Purchase, 914-701-3254

ACE Math Tutoring [link] Hastings, 646-285-8604
Bespoke Education
[link] 1 Bridge Street Suite P1, Irvington, 231-7309
Jeri Cipriano [email] Former teacher and publishing professional offers tutoring in: reading, writing, homework/study/organizational skills. 674-0450
Eve Cohen, Math Tutor email ( All levels of math through Algebra II / Trigonometry) Will travel to student, Dobbs Ferry, 462-2831
Dr. B’s Academy [link] Offices: Riverdale and Upper West Side, 212/304-8571
Sylvia O’Hagan email 693-5135. Published, professional writer available for writing / creative / essay skills tutoring.
Parliament Tutors [link] Private, In-home Tutoring, 646-750-0202
Peer2Peer Tutors [link] Top-performing high school students can help your student in Grades 3-10. We come to you. Low cost. 478-9551
Success-in-Math [link] Tutoring and Test Prep, reasonable rates, travel to your home, references available. 917-603-4490
WhizKidz Tutoring, [link] Students preK- college, 914-200-3512

Urgent Care
Dwell Family Doctors [link] 155 White Plains Road, suite 101, 372-7171
PM Pediatrics [link] 2290 Central Park Avenue, Yonkers, 914-337-KIDS (5437)

Ardsley Animal Hospital, 649 Ashford, Ardsley, 693-8900
Ardsley Veterinary Associates [link]
722 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, 914-357-8050
Animal Hospital, 36 Pleasant Avenue, White Plains, 949-0434
Ardsley Animal Hospital, 649 Ashford, Ardsley, 693-8900
Central Animal Hospital [link]  317 Ardsley Road, (Corner Central Avenue), Scarsdale, 723-1250
County Animal Clinic [link] 1574 Central Park Avenue, Yonkers, 779-5000
Dobbs Ferry Animal Hospital, 340 Ashford Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, 693-5900
Mobile Vet Squad [link] Convenient vet house calls with a state-of-the-art clinic on wheels. 575-1943
Natural Vet for Pets, Stacey Joy Hershman, DVM [link] 585 Warburton Avenue, Hastings, 478-4100
Yonkers Animal Hospital Central Avenue, 526 Saw Mill River Road, #1, Yonkers, 965-0557

Equalize Fitness [link] One Odell Plaza, Yonkers, 914-751-6655
New York Sports Club [link] 50 Livingstone Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, 478-0944, 208 E. Hartsdale Avenue, Hartsdale, 725-8447, 696 White Plains Road, Scarsdale, 472-2800, 4 City Place, White Plains, 428-2020
Riverstone Yoga [link] The Clubhouse @ Hudson Harbor, Tarrytown, 332-YOGA (9642)
The Rivertown Center for Yoga & Health [link] @ South Presbyterian Church, 343 Broadway Dobbs Ferry, 674-0919
Yogaworks [link] 50 South Buckhout Street, Irvington, 591-9642